How are the videos and birthday money delivered?

On the recipient’s birthday, Gifthorse emails all the video messages – combined into one shareable video AND a link to cash out the total birthday fund amount, without any fees. The recipient can choose to get the money via Venmo, PayPal (US or international), bank account, or Amazon gift card.

Does Gifthorse charge gifters any fees?

Gifthorse charges a small fee on top of the gift amount for everyone who contributes money to the birthday fund. This fee helps to covers the cost of processing your transaction, disbursing funds to the recipient, and operating the service. We never charge the recipient any fees to cash out.

How can I make my Gifthorse birthday fundraiser successful?

  • The most important thing is to spread the word! Invite friends and family by adding emails to a Gifthorse, and we will take care of sending email reminders to collect videos and raise money for your birthday gift.
  • You can also copy your Gifthorse’s link and message it to friends and family, or post it to group chats or on social media.
  • It also helps to add your own video before sharing, so others on the Gifthorse recognize a friendly face.

Tip: When sharing, focus on asking for meaningful video contributions. Watch gifts pile up on their own!

Can people add a video without contributing any money to the birthday fund?

Yep! Gifthorse makes it easy to create a great gift – people can choose to send just a video or add an amount of money that’s comfortable for them.

Can I use Gifthorse to ask for birthday money on Facebook?

Absolutely! Just start the card and share the link wherever you’d like – in a social post, message, or group!

Can I make a Gifthorse for myself?

Yes, please do! Or get someone else to start it for you. Either way, let Gifthorse take care of asking for money instead of gifts for your birthday. Once your Gifthorse is started and people are invited, we will collect money for your birthday, along with some really great video messages for you to enjoy on the big day!

Can I use Gifthorse for something other than birthdays?

Sure! Just remember that Gifthorse is currently designed for birthdays. But, nothing stops you from creating a “birthday” for yourself or someone else whenever you want – for holidays, a graduation, a wedding, or any other occasion with a date and a recipient. Go crazy!

What’s special about Gifthorse?

Gifthorse eliminates the hassle – for gifters and recipients – of getting lots of smaller or unwanted gifts. With Gifthorse, the recipient gets a lump sum to spend however they want! Gifthorse is the easiest way to help a friend or relative get money for a birthday.