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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gifthorse?

A Gifthorse is the best way to collect money for a birthday! Gifthorse combines fun video messages and cash gifts into one amazing digital birthday card.

Why choose Gifthorse?

Gifthorse is the easiest & most fun birthday fundraiser! Friends or relatives get money for a birthday, and, personal video messages make the recipient feel even more special!

How do I start a Gifthorse?

Start a Gifthorse here. It’s fast and easy! All you need is the recipient’s name, birthday, and email address. We create a page for your Gifthorse. Share its link, or add others directly via email address so we can remind them to contribute on your behalf. That’s it – no more worries about asking for money as a birthday gift!

How much money can I expect to raise for my birthday gift?

A lot! Just be sure to share the Gifthorse with friends and family! Once a Gifthorse gets a single contribution, on average, it goes on to collect about seven video replies and $250.

Is there a maximum gift amount?

A Gifthorse’s total birthday money gift pool is capped at $2,000. The individual gift maximum is $500.

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